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About us

Founded in November of 2016 and based in Ho Chi Minh city,Vietnam. Xpath.co is a trusted community marketplace to connect travelers from all over the world with locals for unique travel experiences

Xpath.co connects you to private locals for private, personalized, and hidden gem experience. Say goodbye to the chores and responsibilities of troublesome planning, and hello to fun discussions and smooth co-planning to make your dream trip a reality. Our buddy will be at your side to show you a more beautiful and more authentic version of their cities

The founder


Yu Ikegaya

Born in Japan and currently live in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. In Japan, he also serves as a representative director of a human resources outsourcing company. After coming to Vietnam in March 2016, he established AgeCode Co.Ltd . Xpath.co is built because he want more people to engage in edgier, more exhilarating travel experiences. “Start in Asia, I hope to expand our services to the whole world and provide new experiences and improve life to people around the world in the future.”, Yu says.