Become a Travel Buddy

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1. Become a Travel Buddy

What is a Travel Buddy?

Travel Buddy is a personal guide for your destination. A Travel Buddy can offer the perfect personalized experience that you could never get from a package tour, such as amazing sights that aren’t listed in guidebooks, restaurants that only locals know, and everyday local experiences. Even if one have no qualification, they can register to become a travel buddy as long as they are deeply passionate about their city

How to become a Travel Buddy?

After signing up, you can access to edit your profile and create a portfolio. Click on your name in the right of top bar, a drop-down menu will appear. Choose button.
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2. Update your portfolio

What is portfolio?

Portfolio is where you introduce yourself to the world. You can change your cover photo, describe who you are, set your price,... Your portfolio will appear on result page when travelers search for Travel Buddy based on destination and filters, so try your best to make it stand out!
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Create your unique activities

Want to make special activities for your travellers? Simply clicking on Create new activity button on page. Similar to your portfolio, you can edit your activity to make it as unique as possible
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3. Verify your account

Travel Buddy need to verify Email and ID to make Portfolio searchable on Xpath. Please go to your personal dashboard, choose from the left sidebar. Here you can upload a photo of your ID/ Passport and fill your email adress to verify. After we approve your ID/ Passport, your status will change to Verified and your Portfolio can be discovered by travelers.
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4. Welcome your guests

Received Inquiries

When travelers find your portfolio interesting, they will send you a request with number of participants, duration and the date they want to go. The request will appear on page and be sent to your email. You have 48 hours to approve or reject due your availability.
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Plan your trips

Once you have your portfolio listed, you can get in touch with travelers via page in our platform. You can discuss about meet up/ pick up location, time, or note to travelers.
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Get paid

After you approve the booking, travelers can proceed to check out through Xpath. Income (after processing and transaction fee) will be automatically applied to your page when the trip is finished. Payout are automatically calculated at the end of the month and paid on or before the 15th of next month. The minimum payout amount is 35$ for Paypal
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Why Travel Buddy

Meet new people

Meet new people

By becoming a Travel Buddy on Xpath, you can meet travelers who love authenticity and discovery from all over the world. You can together enjoy city landmarks, everyday local activities or hidden gems that make the trip truly unique and one-of-the-kind experiences

Share your passion

Meet new people

No matter whether you are just an enthusiastic local or a professional guide, from the novice to the skilled, with Xpath, you can share and proudly present your places, experiences and passion to traveller all over the world. Memories become most valuable when shared!

Extra income

Meet new people

Xpath provide simple use and high tech platform for those love to share and travel. You can be your own boss and earn money by what you are good at, as well as get complete control of your schedule. However, we expect you to join us with enthusiasm and passion for meeting new people and for sharing your life story

Be your own boss now by creating unique professional portfolio in three easy steps and start accepting jobs right away