Buigo (Seeking flavors of Exposure)  
Lucy Nguyen

Lucy Nguyen

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It all starts with a HELLO!
Lucy Nguyen speaks: envi

Who I am
Am a silly seeker finding true happiness If you just have a few day in Saigon, and wanna to make your trip so nice with unforgetable beauty in peace. I am your local.

Where we 'll (likely) go
Can Gio forest and beach
Cheap coffee and food
Cu Chi Green Farm
Notre Dam Cathedral
Saigon daytour
Saigon nightfood
The City children house
The city post office
Vung Tau Beach
walking street

motorbike Bike
walking Walk

How to meet
Wait for me at the 23/9 park near the new Sense Market. Or I'll pick up you at your place near district 1 or 3 or 10 or near my home Tan Phu. +8438485890

Why me?

Let give us a choice and you believe in it. 

Orrrr you need a buddy to share fun time to hangout around the Saigon city and enjoy fresh delicious tastes of food. Tell me your estimated and what you hope for your trip.

Be a Saigonese when try some local food with fish sauce

An amazing time for you to go window shopping or buy some things in The Ben Thanh Night Market

Bun cha and bun dau district 1

Jump arena district 7