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It all starts with a HELLO!
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Who I am
- A travel- holic who is willing to exchange culture beauty and language as well as sharing stories about my trips all over the world - A funny and energetic individual who is willing to help foreigners experience the local life and foodie

Where we 'll (likely) go
Beer Ta Hien
City Hall
Dong Xuan market
Giang coffee
Ho Chi Minh museum
Local food stall
Old quarter of Hanoi
Opera House
rooftop bar
street food
Students market
The Zoo
west lake water park

motorbike Bike
bus Bus

How to meet
I will pick you up at your hotel

Why me?

I will show you guys a food tour of vietnam- Food is one of the most amazing culture beauty of Hanoi. U can't become a real hanoian if u havent tried all streetfood here. Beer Ta Hien, xoi Yen sticky rice, bun cha OBAMA, chao suon Dong Xuan market, Pho Ly quoc su, Egg coffee at Giang cafe and so much more

Hanoi is cool for nightlife too. Walking street, Beer Ta Hien, bar and clubs, all are cool for people who love nightlife. Do you want to see the skyline of Hanoi, i will take you to the highest building of Hanoi to see the landscape of hanoi from the top kkk

If you are not a person for nightlife, okay, hanoi has the peaceful atmosphere for people who want to relax and enjoy fresh air too. Drink some Truc Bach beer or egg coffee while looking at the amazing view of West Lake- one of the most refreshing region in Hanoi. That is so relaxing right?

Finally, do u want to meet locals of Vietnam to know more about culture here. I will introduce to you many of my great friends who are hanoian so you can learn some unique customs of vietnam. For example, who wants to learn how to use chopsticks? Follow me kkkk

Me in traditional costume of vietnam
Vietnam coffee. Amazing right?
for food-holic kkkk
an amazing dessert. yummyyyyyy
spicy crab. yummyyyyyy