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It all starts with a HELLO!
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Who I am
Hello! My name is Linh, I'm 22 year old. I am a young person living in Ho Chi Minh City. I love to discover new things. I am active and like to meet new people. I like to learn, I like to make fun, I always smile. I just feel like you the first time arriving in this city, unfamiliar and lost. I'd love to discover this city as much as I can, and wish to share these feelings with travelers worldwide.

Where we 'll (likely) go
23/9 Park
City central
District 1
District 2
Nguyen Hue street
Pedestrian street
The Museum of History in Ho Chi Minh City
The Oldest Coffee Shop in Saigon

motorbike Bike
other Others
bus Bus

How to meet
I'll pick you up at your hotel in District 1 or 3. If your place is in other districts, please inbox me.

Why me?

I know how to make the conversation interesting. I make jokes and I always smile. I know a lot of places in the city, I know very well about the Vietnamese and Western culture. I'm sure you will have a great time with me.

If you are alone, we can ride a motorcycle with you sitting behind me to visit the places and streets in Saigon. It will be an interesting experience. If you want to change the itinerary, please inbox me.

Hello, I'm Linh Laly. Nice to meet you!

Our journey in Ho Chi Minh City

Experiencing sitting on the back of a motorcycle with a safety helmet on, moving from meeting location to District 1.

Walking around the main places of the city: 

Street Food Market 

Street Food market , where many young people gather on the weekends

Notre Dame Cathedral 

A signature place in Saigon


War Remnants Museum

Take a look back at Vietnamese history

Thu Thiem Park

Thu Thiem Park, a modern view of Saigon

Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street

The first pedestrians-only street in Ho Chi Minh City


Nguyen Hue Street is a broad walking promenade in the middle of District 1. This pedestrian area is flanked by some beautiful French colonial architectural wonders like the People’s Comittee, the Rex Hotel and a luxury shopping mall. In front of the People’s Committee you find a statue of Uncle Ho Chi Minh and a fountain show by night.