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Phạm Thanh Quân

Phạm Thanh Quân

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It all starts with a HELLO!
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Who I am
I am Quân, was born in Sai gon and also Transportation graduate. With a good English skill, dynamic and responsible for work, I believe that I will do perfectly this job.

Where we 'll (likely) go
23/9 Park
Ben Thanh
Bui Vien
district 5
District 9
Nguyen Hue street
Pedestrian street
The Museum of History in Ho Chi Minh City

motorbike Bike

How to meet
Meeting point: Nguyen Trai street, District 1

Why me?

Firstly, I would like to have more friends who are foreigners in order to improve English skill and introduce  to you the Vietnamese culture, foods,  nice destinations.   I am proud to say that I am a real and original Saigonese. ^^


What included:

Foods and drinks, free drivers.

                 Night Saigon Street Food

Soak up the electric atmospheric of Ho Chi Minh City at night and tuck into the city’s famous street food Hop on the back of your bike and whizz your way around the city’s markets, boulevards and backstreets, stopping at street food hotspots along the way. Learn about local cuisine and culinary traditions from your guide as you travel around town and fill up on delicious barbecue meats, noodles and vegetable dishes, including unique Vietnamese specialties and sweet desserts.

Food store on sidewalk

Grilled Octopus

Food store on sidewalk

" Gỏi cuốn"

Cần Giờ District

Can Gio is one of the 24 districts of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a suburban coastal district adjacent to Dong Nai, Vung Tau province to the east, Long An and Tieng Giang province to the west. The coastal district is 35 km in length and 30 km in width covering approximately 72,000 hectares in are and located just 50 Kilometers south of Sai Gon. The district is a Mekong Delta confluence of the rivers of Sai Gon, Dong Nai and Vam Co. Which drain into the Eastern Ocean. In January of the year 2000 C 

ần Giờ was designated as the first Mangrove Biosphere Reserve in Viet Nam under the Man and the Biosphere ( MAB) Program of the Unite Nation Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization. ( UNESCO)

The coastal district, 30km from downtown HCM City, Ecological Tourist Zone, Monkey Island, and Whale Festival, which has been recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage.

Salt villages, swallow nest areas and seafood and fruit gardens are all appealing tourist attractions.

salt village

Monkey Island

Mangrove forest

Xoài Rạp river

Long Hoa village

Crocodile fishing


Ly Nhon road

30/4 Beach