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It all starts with a HELLO!
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Who I am
Hi, My name is Xuất,actually I can't pronounce exactly my name in Vietnamese So that you can call me: Baymax or max I'm 21,I'm studying about computer,programing and traveling is my biggest passion,willing to take risk & I love exploring I'm excited to introduce to you the most interesting things in Sai Gon Let me create your story in Saigon!

Where we 'll (likely) go
23/9 Park
Central Post office
China town
Flower market
saigon's suburb
Street foods
The Oldest Coffee Shop in Saigon
Thu Thiem River Tunnel

walking Walk
bus Bus
motorbike Bike
other Others

How to meet
I'll pick you up at your place. In any case please inbox me!

Why me?

 District 5_Cho Lon market in chinatown

Walk around traditional market and see the local life in chinatown

District 5_Ba Thien Hau temple  

shows scenes from a 19th-century Chinese city, and include such colorful figures as actors, demons, animals, and Persian and European sailors and traders

look up this picture , you can see the dioramas show more detail about the people in 19th century

District 10_ Ho Thi Ky traditional market

learn and try how to make a pancake

Tay Ninh province_Black Virgin mountain

on the top of this mountain and we are huntering cloud

the way to go up this mountain---really hard climb

it's very beautiful-awsome scenery

District 1_23/09 park

free talk _ exchange cultural

free talk _talk to student