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Getting start

What is Xpath?

Xpath is a platform connecting travelers from all over the world with locals guide to offer unique travel experiences. Xpath offers the perfect personalized experience that you could never get from a package tour, such as amazing sights that aren’t listed in guidebooks, restaurants that only locals know, and everyday local experiences.
Xpath only offer personalized tour which based on suggestions from both party and tailor for each individual.
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How does it work?

Find the right Travel Buddy

On Xpath.co, enter your destination and search.

Scroll through the list of Travel Buddy or use the map to find them in the location you want.

Click on a Travel Buddy and open it. You can read Travel Buddy's bio, interests, description and reviews that other Xpat have left for them. If you have any concerns, feel free to inbox them by clicking the Message button on their Portfolio. If you're ready to book, please choose the number of participants, duration and the date you want, then click on BOOK NOW button.

Pay and Enjoy

You will receive a notification in your Inbox page after the Travel Buddy approve or reject your booking.

As your Buddy approve your booking, you will process to Check out step supported by Stripe. For more information about Stripe, please click here.

If you book a free trip, you will be directed to a Confirm free trip page that will not charge you.

Account & Profile

How can I sign up? I don’t want to use my social profile

If you don't have a Xpath account, you can sign up here. You can make an account with Facebook, Twitter or Google account. Xpath account is totally FREE.
Xpath is striving to create a community of real people, therefore we confirm at least one social profile to avoid any unwanted bots or people.

Why do I need to verify email?

After you finish making your account, be sure to verify your email address.

The process to approve user trust for the Xpath community and means both traveller and Travel Buddy can use our service with ease.

By submitting your email, all notifications will be sent to your email address.

How do I edit my profile?

You can change your profile at anytime in User Dashboard > Profile

A good profile includes your complete name, a picture where you are clearly visible (and smiling) and a few interesting facts about yourself, like where you come from, your bio, or even your tastes and interests. Your profile is a way of interacting with other members of the community/future travelers. A full and complete profile is a great way to build trust.

However, bear in mind that it is not permitted to share any personal websites or links to other accounts you may have.

How do I cancel my account?

Please contact Xpath team via email support@xpath.co to cancel your account.

For Traveler

How to find a buddy?

Once you have selected your destination, you can look through your available buddy.
Each buddy is different, so you can go through their portfolio and choose your best companion

How can I get get in touch with buddy?

Before making a booking, you can contact a buddy via the communication system of our platform.
Clicking on Message button under buddy avatar to start conversation

Is free tour really free?

Yes. You don’t have to pay anything to us, xpath. However, take in mind that unless specified you have to pay for your own ticket, food, … depend on experiences

How much time does a buddy have to respond to my reservation request?

Buddies have 48 hours to accept or decline a booking request. If a buddy accepts your request, you have to check out to complete the request

After checking out, you will receive a notification via email of your confirmed reservation.

What happens if my reservation request is denied or it expires?

Buddies have 48 hours to formally accept or decline your reservation request. If the reservation is not accepted or declined within 48 hours, it automatically expires.

If your reservation request expires, don’t take it personally! We try to make sure that buddies check their messages and always respond to their requests. Normally, buddies respond to messages and requests within less than 10 hours.

Remember that if a reservation request is denied or expires you will not be charge. Payment is only placed after you checkout your approved reservation. We won’t charge you any service commission unless the buddy accepts your reservation.

What happens if I have bad experience?

In case you have a bad experience with a buddy, Xpath will get in touch with both you and buddy to get at the bottom of the situation and to find a solution together.
Your happiness counts more than anything!

When do I have to pay?

You will not be charged for a booking until it is confirmed.

Upon receive your request, your buddy have to approve to validate your request.After your request have been approved, you can proceed to checkout.

What should I do if my activity lasted less/more time than what was indicated in the description/offer?

The duration time indicated for each activity is an estimate and is at the discretion of the local. Sometimes tours run both over and under time. However, as a traveler you have the right to file a complaint if you are not satisfied with your experience or if it did not meet the description advertised. You may do this by sending us an email at support@xpath.co

Can I cancel my booking and do I receive my refund?

Up to 10 days before a booked experience is due to take place you can cancel your booking and we will refund 100% of the payment. If you cancel your booking within 10 days of the experience date or if you don’t show up at all, you are not eligible for a refund.

Will I get my money back if a buddy cancels or doesn’t show up?

If a buddy cancels the booking or does not show up, the full amount of booking will be refunded to you.

For Travel Buddy

Who can be a Travel Buddy?

Anyone can be a Travel Buddy!

Xpath welcome all different backgrounds that are passionate in sharing everyday local experiences, have deep knowledge of local spots that aren't listed in any guidebooks, or anything amazing that might be unexpected.

How can I become a travel buddy?

Travel Buddy need to verify Email and ID to make Portfolio searchable on Xpath. We don't publish these information but your Portfolio will display email verified and ID confirmed status.

Email verification
Xpath require email to be confirmed for all Xpath users. Please click here for more information.

ID verification

Xpath requires a copy of a valid ID/ Passport issued by your government to verify your name and country of residence.This verification process is in place to protect your intellectual property rights and to protect Xpath and its subscribers from fraudulent copyright/identity claims.

When we receive information from your ID/ Passport, we store the number in an encrypted form, so you should only have to verify your ID once. Please know that any information that you provide is stored safely and kept confidential.

How do I build up my portfolio?

It's free to sign up and create a Guide Portfolio. You can set price or make your trip free.

Guide portfolio is where your travelers will read everything about you and the trip, so make sure you provide enough details that encourage Expat to go with you.

We believe that not only the itinerary but the communication between Travel Buddy and travelers is the most valuable. Consequently, tell the world that who you are, what you're interested in, your favorate places,… That will help you connect with your travelers perfectly. It all starts with a simple conservation.

How do I contact my traveller?

Once you have your portfolio listed, traveller can get in touch with you via messaging in our platform. They can contact you for questions about the activity, location, pricing, availability etc., which you can follow-up via our contact system.
Once a booking is made, as a buddy you’ll receive the contact details of the guest and they will receive yours.

How do I know my price is right?

Think about what you want to receive, what is a fair price for your experience? Take into consideration the time, effort and extra elements you need (ingredients for dinner, gas, entrance tickets etc.)

You determine the price yourself. Xpath fee is automatically calculated and deducted from the total price, to see your revenue.

Can I reject/cancel booking?

You are free to reject any request with a valid reason. However, after offers are approved, if you decide to cancel booking,
it will affect your confirmation rate which is very important when guests choose their buddies. The confirmation rate shows the percentage of bookings that are approved by you. If this is low, it’s less appealing for the traveler to book your experience.

Will I get paid if a traveller cancel ?

If a booking gets canceled from the traveller’s side more than 10 days before the experience date, you won’t be paid. In case the booking is cancelled less than 10 days before the experience takes place or if the traveler doesn’t show up, we will pay you 100% of your price

When do I get paid?

Payout are automatically calculated at the end of the month and paid on or before the 15th of next month. The minimum payout amount is 35$ for Paypal

Do I need to be a professional tour guide?

Xpath is open for everyone. We’re always happy to welcome people with a passion for travelling, love for their local area or a specific skill for your community.



Currently, Xpath use Stripe for payment and all transactions are paid in USD only.

For more information about prices and fee, please visit our Policy.

What payment method I can use?

All of our transaction will be carried out as a standard via Stripe or Paypal.
For more information about stripe, please read here
For more information about paypal, please read here

Why should I use your payment system to pay the local?

Our payment system is safe, reliable and easy. We accept various payment methods. By keeping your communication and transactions on xpath, you are upholding our terms of use.

One of our main advantages for travelers is that we do not release a payout to the buddy until after the experience. For you, this means that their money is safe and secure until they complete the experience. For locals, it means more reservations since travelers are more attracted to the site. You also get the added security of 24/7 assistance from our friendly support team at support@xpath.com

What is the fee?

For each confirmed reservation, xpath receives an 20% (processing fee & transaction fee) fee of the total booking to provide an excellent service to members of the community at all times.


How do reviews work?

All the reviews on xpath are written by travelers from our community, so any review you see is based on a completed activity. Starting 24 hours after a offer has ended, travelers can leave a review and rating of their buddy and the general experience.

These reviews will then appear on the local’s profiles.Reviews are one of the main means to promote trust and safety. It’s the best way to earn a good reputation at xpath and to let the community know your opinion on a specific experience and on the local who guided it.

In addition to written reviews, the travelers who attend an activity can submit a star rating. The number of stars displayed on a portfolio page is an aggregate of the scores that different travelers have given for that buddy

Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove or alter a review if we find that it violates our review guidelines.

Can I edit/delete a review ?

You cannot change or remove reviews on your portfolio left about you by other travelers

We believe in freedom of speech, transparency and clear communication. Reviews generate trust in the xpath community as they show that a user has placed a reservation through the xpath system.

The xpath policy is to not delete or censor reviews. However, reviews must follow our rules and regulations. Therefore, there are exceptional cases in which we have to remove them to comply with the rules. We reserve the right to eliminate reviews that don’t follow these rules.

Why Travel Buddy need to write review for traveller?

Reviews are used as final deciding factors in choosing a trustworthy traveler. It's likely those potential traveler have chosen you as their Travel Buddy based on your review archive, as well. So, make sure you write something value and helpful to others.

Trust & Safety

How do I know traveler/buddy is trustworthy?

We offer users many tools to promote their reputation on our site. A user’s profile can contain avatar, email addresses, telephone numbers and honest reviews from other users. In addition, you can connect your Facebook/Google/Twitter profile with your xpath account and check if you have friends in common with other users or a network of similar contacts.

If you think that a user does not have all the necessary information in their profile, you can send them a private message to ask for further information about themselves or about their experience.

We verify each of our experiences and our users. The safety and security of the xpath community is very important to us.

Why do I need to give you my contact details such as email, social profile and phone number?

Please know that any information that you provide is stored safely and kept confidential, we will not share it with third party service. On the one hand it’s used as verification of you as a buddy and on the other hand, it’s shared to traveler only AFTER the booking has been made, in order to arrange direct contact between you and the guest.