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It all starts with a HELLO!
Carson speaks: enjavi

Who I am
Hey! I'm Thang, but people usually call me Carson. I'm a 32 year-old guy who has been living in Ho Chi Minh City for - you guessed it - 32 years! For seven years, I have been working for several Japanese companies as an interpreter. Being a native Vietnamese myself, needless to say that I know HCMC more than well: where to eat the most appetizing foods, where to sip a traditional cup of coffee and how to live life just the way locals do. I am an endless source of information, hints and tips, and will smoothly guide you through the city. If you want to know more about me and my tours, please feel free to scroll further down or directly get in contact. P.S: I also am in close contact with different ceramic / terra cotta / sand-blasted pot suppliers around HCMC. To anyone who might be interested in visiting or being taken around to such places for business purposes, please kindly keep me informed. Transportation will be arranged accordingly. Yours sincerely, Carson

Where we 'll (likely) go
23/9 Park
Ben Thanh
Bui Vien
Central Post office
City central
District 1
district 10
district 5
Nguyen Hue street
Pedestrian street

motorbike Bike
car Car
walking Walk

How to meet
I am available all week long from 7 p.m ONLY, and entirely free on the week-ends. Kindly keep me informed of the day/time/place you'd prefer to meet. Free for kids under 12 years of age. EXCLUDING You are expected to cover any eventual costs: tickets, meals and beverages.

Why me?

I know lots of great street food places. You'll undoubtly spend an unforgettable time during your stay. I will make sure to meet every of your expectations.

Join me for a cup of Vietnamese coffee, and a little chat to start the day


Traditional Vietnamese restaurant decorations

Crab fried rice and omelet

Bánh canh ghẹ (crab cake soup)

Bánh canh cua (rice noodles with crab meat, shrimps, and fresh herbs)


Bún bò Huế - rice vermicelli (bún) soup with beef chunks (bò) and Vietnamese mortadella (chả lụa)

Cơm chả cá - Grilled fish with rice

If you want to go to the beach for a quick weekend escape, we can always visit Vung Tau. It is roughly a 3-hour drive (125 kilometers) from HCMC. Hit me up, for further information.

Vung Tau beach

Welcome to Saigon!

It's always fun to meet new friends and show them around town

Hi, I'm Carson!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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Best guide ever. Got to see the places I wanted to go and a whole lot more. Brilliant suggestions from Carson made for a great time. Saw more than I ever would alone. Having a native speaker on hand makes the experience so much better. A thoroughly competent and amiable guide whom I will be sure to book on my next visit too.

September 2017



Carson was very nice, friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. We had a great time and he went above and beyond to make sure of that! He really brought the city to life. One of these activities we like best is drinking Vietnamese coffee. Dont drink too much if you want to sleep early then. Anyway, I loved it! I would recommend Carson to anyone traveling to Ho Chi Minh city. Thank you for making my trip great!

May 2017