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It all starts with a HELLO!
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Who I am
Hi, my name is Thanh (but you can call me is Xíu, which I actually prefer). I am a student with many talents. I can sing, dance, play the ukulele, and many more. I was born in the basaltic-soil area of Vietnam, which has many ethnic minorities, and is near the border of Cambodia. 21 years old, I've traveled along the South of Vietnam and a bit of the Highland. I like to explore more unfamiliar places of my country. So join me in an adventure to explore authentic Vietnam!

Where we 'll (likely) go
23/9 Park
Binh Thanh
City central
District 1

bus Bus
train Train
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How to meet
I can not reply on this website, please text me via: Email:; Instagram: lyn29.07; Whatsapp: +84834840448

Why me?

1. Saigon Tour

If you ask me what the most interesting thing worthy of trying in Saigon is, riding motorbike is my answer. Saigon is famous for its crazy traffics with an enormous number of motorbikes, which makes travelers surprised. Why don’t we try riding a motorbike and explore the city the way you want? 

On motorbike, you can go through any alleys of the city without any difficulties. You can go to a tasty local restaurant hidden from the main streets, a wet market that travelers can’t find in guidebooks, or a small quite part away from the urban that only locals know. 

We can try Vietnamese street foods, drink Vietnamese coffee and listen to acoustic music. I can play a little ukulele and love to sing with my friends. We can sing together, talk about the culture, history or anything on Earth. Music and delicious food can connect people perfectly.  

We can cultural exchange and talk together
Thu Thiem park, it's near Saigon river. You can watch the high-rise buildings on the other side of Saigon River.

Enjoy ice cream roll in Distric 5.
Ice cream rolls in District 5

2. Adventure tour

For adventure lovers, I’d like invite to our trekking/hiking/off-road tours to the top of the mountains, a beautiful lake to enjoy fresh air, and a wild forest with violet flowers, winding streams and lots of unknown birds or trees.

Things we need for these tours are just a tent so we can sleep in, a blanket that keeps us warm and an exciting desire to discover new places. And what will we eat? We can prepare some meat and vegetable dishes then we eat like prehistoric men! 

Have you tried this before? Imagine pitching a tent in a forest or on top of a mountain or by a lake, have a BBQ party next to our tent and sing our favorite songs with guitar/ukulele. I am sure it will be a memorable experience of your life. 

Lagi Beach
Ridding motorbike along the Binh Chau beach. Deserted roads with less traffic will make you feel as free as ever.

Lagi beach in Binh Thuan Province is famous for its beautiful beach and is an ideal place for camping and watching the sun rise or set. It’s rather raw spot, untouched by men so we can avoid the noisy and crowded tourisms, as well as the annoying invitation from hotel hosts, and overpriced restaurants. We can enjoy some fun activities such as splashing colors (aka. colorful road), play with fireworks, sing together, etc. on the beach.

The morning in the lagi Beach. The people in here wake up very early and exercise on the sand near the coast.
One beautiful morning in Lagi beach. The people here wake up very early and exercise on the sand near the coast.

On the beach we can play exiting games. Such as road colors. (Photos were taken at Phan Thiet Beach)
Colorful road (Photos were taken at Phan Thiet Beach)

Steel wool spinning.
Play with fireworks (Steel wool spinning) and take the nice pictures together

Trekking to the mountains and watching the beautiful, dream-like landscape of Vietnam.

Ba Den mountan - Stand here, we can see Tay Ninh city, Dau Tien lake which is one of the famous lakes in Vietnam ( it's very beautiful and colorful)
Black Virgin Mountain (Ba Den Mountain) – The highest mountain in the South of VN, 1000 metres in height, located in Tay Ninh Province. It’s about 70 km away from Ho Chi Minh city. We can go there by motorbike or by bus, then we will hike to the top. Stand here, we can see Tay Ninh city, Dau Tien lake, which is one of the most famous lakes in Vietnam (it's very beautiful and colorful).

Ma Rung Lu Quan, a forest in Da Lat, Lam Dong province. Da Lat is in the highland of Viet Nam and is known as little Paris, fog city or flowers city in Vietnam. We can go to Da Lat by motorbike or by bus. We can sleep in tents or in hostel or homestays in the raining or cold season.

Ma Rung Lu Quan - Fairyland scene between jungle. You must ride motorbike by offroad to come here and enjoy the cool air, majestic mountains.
Ma Rung Lu Quan - Fairyland scene hidden in the forest. You must ride motorbike to come here and enjoy the cool air and majestic mountains.

Yen's Homestay. It’s about 1,5 km far away from Dalat city center. Price about $7/person for one day and one night (include breakfast, tea and coffee). Besides, you can talk with your roommates here.
Yen's Homestay. It’s about 1,5 km far away from Dalat city center. Price about $7/person for one day and one night (include breakfast, tea and coffee). Besides, you can talk with your roommates here.

At each location you will enjoy various local foods. For example, rice paper rolls with boiled pork in Tay Ninh province, Vietnamese dimsums in Dong Nai province, beef rolls in Cu Chi District, bread shumai in Dalat City and so on. 

Beef rice noodles.
Beef rice noodles

When you visit in Dalat city, you will trying Grilled meat roll in Ba Hung restaurant.

The first time I go to Da Lat, I fell in love with it. The town is so friendly, and the cool weather makes me feel super comfortable with its fresh air. I can in sleeping in the warm blanket in my room pass 8 A.M provided that no one wakes me up. If you have a girlfriend, Da Lat is a good choice for you since the city is so very romantic.

So let's start our journey! I can't wait to be your guide!

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I did the Bà Đen mountain tour with Miss Xiu. It's a really hard climb, but she was very supportive. We took tents and camped overnight on the mountain top, with Xiu cooking up a feast! Xiu is also passionate about the environment, and made sure we took all of our rubbish off the mountain. I recommended Xiu as guide to anyone who wants to see a different side of Vietnam!

September 2017



It was a great tour! We were very interesting with tour and the guide. Our guide - Xiu and Tuong were very helpful. They told us many meaningful things. Thanks for the trip.

August 2017



Our tour with the fabulous Xiu and Max on our first night in Vietnam is still a highlight as we come to the end of a two week trip. Xiu and Max navigated a river of traffic with professional ease - making what looks scary from the pavement so easy. The food was great and meant we were well set up for trying street food everywhere we went. Their openness, intelligence and great sense of fun gave us a fantastic introduction to life in Vietnam. Thank you!

August 2017

Keith Royal

Keith Royal

After watching the traffic from street level it's great fun to actually get among it, you'll feel safe in the hands of the experienced riders. Tasty food and scooters are so much fun! Thanh and her friend are super friendly and enthusiastic. Not to be missed!

June 2017



I had only 1 night left before leaving Saigon in the next morning so I asked Xiu for a customized trip for around 2-3 hours. She was sooo professional in responding my message quickly as well as making a perfect plan for the trip. She picked me up at the hotel an hour later and took me to 4 stops. She fed me delicious snacks at the market as well as a sugercane juice on the go. We then went to a restaurant with many locals around (I did not see any tourists there) & tried lots of Vietnamese dishes like goat, frog, beef, okra,.... Lots of fantastic food & wonderful information. A must try when in VN!

June 2017