Saigon Night Life - Hidden Gems for Good Booze  
Lora Le

Lora Le

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It all starts with a HELLO!
Lora Le speaks: vien

Who I am
I came to Sai Gon for the first time 17 years ago and instantly fell in love with this stunning city. I know this city as the back of my hand, especially when the street lights are on. Read on and Ill tell you about Saigonese who work hard in the morning and play harder when the night falls, like a saying, "Saigon is a city that never sleeps".

Where we 'll (likely) go
City Centre
Hidden Places

walking Walk
motorbike Bike
car Car

How to meet
I can pick you up at your accommodation

Why me?

We start the trip at 7pm 

Get super full to be ready for the night and Vietnamese Cuisine would be the best choice for your healthy self. I 'll take you to a hidden restaurant which serves authentic Viet dishes, rich in flavors and culture too.

Viet Environment

Authentic cuisine right at the city centre - Lora got cha

You better be hungry

We head to a hidden coffee shop with live music

Coffee shops are trendy to Saigonese right now, loads of peope are coming to coffee shops no matter it's weekdays or weekend to enjoy live music. There are tons of choices for you from reggae to Rnb, Trap, House, Soul, etc., Saigon welcomes international artists on an hourly basis. Based on your reference on our discussion before the experience or at the first restaurent, I ll take you to the right place.

Typical Vietnamese coffee place

No Woman No Cry

City Sky View - Why not?

Get on one of the best sky bar for stunning city views. We got a bottle to share here and Ill point you all the famous touristy spots in Saigon so you get to see a tiny version of them from above. Im not a good dancer but the majority cant be able to resist get into the rhythm with me.

Started from G floor now elevator take we here

Dance the night away

We call it a night here, I recommend you guys to go home on a taxi or uber, dont drink and drive please!.

What  included for a group of 2:

+ Restaurent: Set menu + soft drink

+ Beer club: A beer Tower to share or your first 2 bottle of beers

+ Sky bar: A bottle of vodka or whisky to

Group of 3 or above:
Send me a request to discuss further about how to wisely spend your group budget ;)

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Okii Shirou

Okii Shirou

An experience that you wouldn't believe! We got some higher than expectation night when we do our last trip using xpath service. They have a full range of experienced guides that makes you really enjoy your tours! 10/10

September 2017